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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

feel free to skip this part. It might get better. Not sure though.

This blog is named "Quest for Clarity". I am deep in some mental and spiritual fog at this point in my life.

"In the middle of our life's way
I found myself in a wood so dark
That I couldn't tell where the straight path lay."
Dante's Inferno
Canto 1 verses 1-3

It seems that no one finds themselves in Dante's position these days.(Except me)

Everyone seems very sure of what is TRUE (Except me)
???(Of course there is a lot more information now.
People may just be smarter?)???

People loudly proclaim their own views.

I listen to many different points of view.

I readily see other peoples points.

I might not adopt them myself, but I see them.

Thus, I often feel like a "chameleon on a plaid blanket".

This has become so uncomfortable for me.

I stay out of society as much as I possibly can.

I don't think I can get the hang of this "being human".

Everyone else seems so confident .

( I have a lot to learn. Always at "Beginner mind".)

I guess that is good. Does anyone else feel this quandary?

Is life confusing for other people?

(Plus I am having a hard enough time figuring out the how-to's of this blogging business.

Clarity of thought will have to come later, once I get the hang of this.)

I don't actually believe anybody is reading this, so it shouldn't matter if I seem stupid.
Or boring.

OK I understand now that this blogger only works properly for me in mozilla. That makes this thing a whole lot easier. (Whew!)

Whenever I am learning something new it throws my whole system off for a while. (This has happened to me many times before, so I know). After a while I will be blithely blogging. Easily editing. Delightedly downloading. Or whatever.

In case anybody should read this, I am goofing around here,

I am playing with blogger features. I learn best by playing. What I do

while learning probably looks dorky. Who cares?

I remember- this is what it is like to be a kid. I can remember just to relax and have fun with it all.


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