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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chaos theory

Chos is the normal state of my life. As a matter of fact, it is very stable and secure. I can count on it.
Today we have Zora visiting from BC, (Ben's friend) a delightful woman in her 50's (like me) . Theo and Michell came to visit, we all decided to have dinner together. I went shopping; they all scattered .
I am cooking roast beef, potatoes, peas and gravy instead of our usual weird food because I know this will give a sense of red-blooded normalcy. Michelle is stressed about being pregnant....
Zora is intense and interesting to talk with because she experiences very similar dilemmas. She has 3 kids, is close to my age, is an artist etc.
Anyway she is staying in what is my room (but I am in the process of moving out of it into Theo's old room. This morning she took some pictures while she was in there, which are posted here. A picture of her and some of stuff on my shelves...
I am a little too busy to write too much now, but the pictures say a lot.


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