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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hey everybody! Oh I guess no one ever reads this anyway. Quite frankly I am not quite sure what's going on and would certainly tell you if could make any sense out of it. But, you know I am real sure it is all good, and am having a great time. Baby steps, giant steps umbrella steps. But a feeling safe in the universe and love you all and everyone else, too, so...ah but I know you longer..maybe. Ah here comes the totally addled rantings of a totally deranged mind. Nah, never mind. Oh, OK. You'll twist my arm. Ok so you know how Charlie is moving out and new people in or at least sandy ann sinicki (Who knows if its the right spelling? Not I)Long story short, things are moving right along here, so, hey all the best and we'll see you whenever. I am so very tempted to delete this post as it is so very whackoid, but hey, ya gotta this dropping pebble into the void? Hey am I here all alone, oh well guess maybe things could be faster. I wish I had a web cam strapped to my head it is all just too much fun and TOO funny. Well it all is obviously extremely entertaining ,otherwise why would I be so engrossed in it, right? OK, onward to (I won't say greater) other things. Hey check the blog, ya never know...


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