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Friday, February 03, 2006

Abortion thoughts

Babies sure are cute. I have to admit that.
Some people just love fetuses..they fight furiously for fetus's rights...bomb abortion clinics, etc.
But for many of those babies once they are in this world, it's another story.
Where are all the fetus lovers then?
Does their money go to feed, house, clothe and educate those ex-fetuses?
Do any of them listen lovingly to those ex-fetuses doubts and fears and reassure them that everything is going to be all right?
Do any of them recognize that ex-fetus's special talents and interests and nurture them so the fetus may blossom into an individual?
Do any of them forgive the ex-fetus's errors and focus on the innate goodness of the ex-fetuses being?
I have four children...sons...I love them dearly and they are wonderful people.
I know the world is a better place because each of them is in it.
They make good friends.
The are individuals.
I was a poor welfare mother most of the time. There were lots of men around. There was even a stepfather for a short period of time. The boys visited freely with the man whose name they bear, among others.
And life was lovely.
I would have gladly had more children.
I love them.
I love their chaotic and quirky ways.
I find their messes fascinating.
I love the noises they make and the way they smell and that love extends past childhood into adulthood.
The guys live with me now and I still adore them.
Yet I had 3 abortions in my life. Each was due to fear of being able to provide adequately for the child-to-be.
This world sometimes seems like a hostile place and at those times a person does not want to bring a child into it.
Rabbits absorb their fetuses if they are disturbed.
The glory of god is the mature individual.
If half the care and resources were put into nurturance rather than punishment and destruction, we would all be living in Paradise.
Humans scarcely scratch the surface of their potential.
At this time all the available time and energy seems to be going into conflict of one sort or another.
If those resources went into tolerance, understanding and nurturance this would be a different world.
Peace and Love are portrayed as rather ludicrous.
Are they? Are competition and deception signs of superiority?
Trusting in goodness is not naivete`.
It is Self confidence.


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