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Monday, April 23, 2007


Growth and life are messy processes. for instance, when an insect undergoes metamorphosis it literally comes unglued inside its cocoon.
At our house we are in the eternal midst of house renovations and have had some lovely results, but the process is totally chaotic.
I have these four utterly delightful sons, yet there were times when people said "these boys are out of control". If we had been living in this culture they likely would have been put on Ritalin or worse. I just thought they were delightfully energetic and imaginative, and so they are. But often rather messy. And so am I.
I figure, whatever I am going through, it's got to be good.
I found this quotation in a journal from my 36th year, I don't know where it came from originally.

"Quite simply, a belief in the good without a belief in the evil, may seem highly unrealistic to you. This belief, however, is the best kind of insurance that you can have, both during physical life and afterward....a belief in good without evil is actually highly realistic since in the physical life it will keep your body healthier, keep you psychologically free of many fears and mental difficulties and bring you a feeling of ease and spontaneity in which the development of your abilities can be better fulfilled.

Believing in evils, you will of course percieve them.
Your world has not tried this experiment...which would release you. The experiment...would operate on the basic idea that you create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs anf that all existence id blessed and that evil does not exist in it."

As long as I am alive, I have one mandate - to trust mySelf , my process and my journey.
I figure we gotta be heading somewhere wonderful, cause it just keeps getting better. I pray that this attitude may spread so there is more good news in this world.


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