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Thursday, November 24, 2005

ramble on thanks

Well, its 4:42 AM here in Gardiner. The dogs are fed already. They were really hungry because they puked up all their dinner last night. OK, sorry, but...They are essentially vegetarian dogs who get half an apple or banana and a tbsp of vanilla yogurt cut into their kibble at each meal . I gave them some hamburger because to me dog = wolf. Apparently not so. Most dogs are domestic creatures.
My dogs favored the wolf side, for the most part. Independent, but loved to play.
Anyway, I want to write about peculiarities in my personality. I see myself as 360 degrees of possibility and am totally aware of the fact that wherever I am at, the opposite position also holds true for me, and I will find myself occupying it sooner or later. I prefer to own my shadow. I don't dump it onto other people. I cherish it. Nurture it. Feed it.
Yesterday Ben and I went to Boston Market for a lunch-ish meal. I had never been there, but my Mom and Patty always have jars of their gravy on hand and it is delish! I had the Angus meat loaf and green beans, Ben had half a chicken and corn and we both had mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum! Plus seriously sweet corn muffins. We ate overlooking the spectacular snow-covered Catskill mountains, then went to Wal-mart and bought 'Ikea lite' shelves for my new bedroom. They are stylish, functional and cheap as f**k. Good enough.
But back to the food. Now at our house, we tend to high nutrition, low prep foods such as quinoa, kale, salads, salmon and venison.(Dr. Sam) Functional and yummy. But, still, I love to eat cheap, 'bad' food. Sabretts hot dogs. Kraft dinners, potato chips and soda...etc.I tire of them rather quickly, but feel a certain benefit from eating them. What's up with that?
When I was a kid My parents fed us with the best food, lots of vegetables, big salads, lean meats, etc. We loved eating vegetables and used to vie to drink the spinach water left in the serving bowl. My father is Sicilian and his mother was possibly the best cook ever, and my mother is a very efficient functional kitchen person. Between them they fueled 6 growing kids excellently. (A big job I must say).
Anyway, that didn't stop me from going on kicks where I would eat, say, Chef Boy-ar-dee ravioli cold out of the can for lunch for a week straight. Or Cheeze-Whiz on Pepperidge Farm white toast. Fluffernutters. My cousin Cookie and I used to eat matches. One time we ate an entire can of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting.
The point is...well you know, I'm not quite sure..But I think it has something to do with finding every aspect of life to be interesting and enjoyable. I think that might be what thanksgiving is all about. Somewhere in the New Testament it says to be thankful for all things- not just the "good" stuff. ALL THINGS. Goes along with "Fear no evil" and "Love your enemy". Just a thought, perhaps, but a useful one. Especially now.
One great story in the New Testament is where Peter is shown, in a vision, a cloth filled with all sorts of "unclean" foods. Not Kosher. He is told to eat, but he says no because it is forbidden by law, but the vision says "What God has cleansed, don't call it unclean", so he eats.
Oh don't take my word for it. The story is in Acts chapter 10. The New Testament contains many things which have proved very useful to me throughout this wild ride I call my life. I am, like, a c**k-sucking christian.
Well, on that note, I am off to bed once again. Be seein' y'all real soon. Happy Thanksgiving.


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