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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Amnesiac Cherubim

At my mom's with cable TV...sheesh...I am pondering the entire political debacle in this world.
Yikes! I would certainly kill myself if I did not remember that I do not belong to this system, I am only here to observe (and, obviously, to comment..)
But it sure looks stupid to me. I mean, people seem to know a whole lot less and seem to be less and less able to be kind to themselves and each other, than the last time I was back here.
"When will they ever learn, when will the ever learn?" -" (Where Have All the Flowers Gone" by Pete Seeger) (someday soon, I hope)
I suppose the people who haven't learned will be returned here to become the millions of life forms they have destroyed, or the peoples they have downtrodden so they could have more stuff.
There is nothing wrong with being rich. but richness serves best when it takes the form of an ability to appreciate, first one's Self, then the Others, for all are important.
"When I lay claim to nothing, seems everything's mine." Right now it just seems like people are using their energies to appease some entity who does not know their hearts and doesn't care. Just to have more and more stuff, all the while depleting resources, both natural and human. And then not having the time to actually enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Oh well, it will all work itself out in the end, won't it? It always does.
This Apocalypse is being brought to you by "Netflix" and "Youtube"
Ta ta for now, y'all.


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