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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Free Fall

This weekend is a big family get together for the twins birthday. Last night the gang was gathered at Brian and Sari's house.

What stands out for me is my sister Patty telling me about a dream she had where she was falling through the Void (I presume, from her description.)
She saw at a distance what looked like a filmy colorful scarf. As she got closer she saw there was a raggedy hole in it. Closer still and she saw the "scarf" consisted of people all hanging on to each other by their hands and feet, forming a net. As she fell toward the net of people, she saw that she would fall through the net, perhaps to her doom, unless she could grasp and be grasped by the net-people.
And so she was and became part of their design. Their tapestry. Which is cool.

If it was my dream it would be different.
I would know in my dream that falling is all there is and all there ever is
I would dive through the hole and loop around and up and down and north, south, east and west and ana and kata and alpha and omega.
I would swoop and soar and loop-the-loop and barrel roll, and sometimes simply float.
I would take interest in the formations around me, and everything else as well.
Or I would have no interest and blankly hum to myself.
Falling forever is 360+ degrees of freedom. Not at all scary. Way fun, truly.


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