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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Self Centered

I am a Self centered person. It is my religion.
To me religion is that which you can rely on. It is what does not change. And my experience is that, wherever I go, there I am.
If I am at peace with myself, then my world is peaceful no matter what is going on all around me. It's not always easy, however.
To be at peace with one's Self is life's big challenge. We are taught that being self centered is wrong, unacceptable and unloveable. We are taught that something or someone outside us gets to say whether we are all right or not. We jump through hoops to get good grades or gold stars or love and approval, etc.
I think knowing yourSelf and being true to yourSelf is the most ethical way to live. If you truly love yourself then you can see the Self of another person and from this knowledge flows gratitude, empathy and forgiveness.

"I am that I am"

Translation from an ancient Egyptian text carved into a doorway, a sacred place.

"I have, at last, reached MY goal,

And solved the secret of MY soul.

I am THAT, to whom I prayed,

THAT, to whom I looked for aid.

I am THAT, whom I did seek.

I am MY own mountain peak.

I, upon creation look,

As a page from MY own book.

For I am the ONE, the many make,

Of substance, which from ME I take.

For ALL is ME, there are not two,

Creation is MYSELF, all through.

What I grant, unto MYSELF,

I just take, from MYSELF.

And give it to ME, the only ONE,

For I am the Father, and the Son.

What I want, I do but see,

MY wishes flowing forth from ME.

For I am the knower, and the known,

Subject, ruler, and the throne.

The three in ONE, is what I am,

And hell itself is but a dam,

That I did put in MY own stream,

When in a nightmare, I did dream.

That I did dream;

That I was not the only ONE,

And thus by ME, was doubt begun,

Which ran its course, 'til I awoke,

And found that I, with ME, did joke.

So now, that I do stand awake,

MY throne, I do surely take,

And rule MY kingdom, which is ME,

The master, through eternity."

The cool thing about there being so many of us Selves is that it makes for a proliferation of interesting stories and potential combinations. It makes the prospect of Eternity more enjoyable. Never a dull moment, this way.


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