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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Embracing "reality" vs. passing through it.

Oh, quit yer whining! it's nowhere near that bad, now, is it?
It is if you take it too seriously and become too identified with it. A certain amount of detachment is needed.
(I feel compelled to confess that I am a person who does cryptic crosswords and anagrams and all manner of difficult games and puzzles. I whine about how hard they are while I am doing them but I always finish and can't wait for more. But there is a great deal of detachment and the choice is mine to complete them or just toss 'em.)
I have been remiss in my blogging. I guess it is because I have been spending more time "out" among people. Which means having to communicate, to a certain degree. Which means having my brakes on much of the time, which is tiring.
I am learning to stay in neutral, but then, why be among people at all? There is something to it, though, I suppose. Listen and learn. There is more than meets the eye.
This being human business is pretty complex. Interesting, though. I imagine if I learned to play the game properly it might be a lot of fun as well. Business, socializing, etc.
I love puzzles and games, and the human sphere can be looked upon as all that and more.
I guess have been hesitating about writing because my thoughts and feelings were a little too chaotic for a while. I was faced with the choice of feeling rejected and unwelcomed and I declined it.

So, I'm back on the page again. I suppose the thing would be to stick with the struggle and not be afraid to be exposed during the process. I just feel too vulnerable.


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