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Thursday, December 29, 2005


As the New Year approaches, I am thinking about what I want to have in my life. I would definitely say community involvement. I was reading excerpts from The Beginner's Guide to Community-Based Arts by Keith Knight (my favorite cartoonist) and thinking about conversations with an aquaintance over the christmas weekend. He has a brother in the Twelve Tribes and there is a great deal of controversy and contention concerning this organization and their practices. The parents of this family were at The Farm in Tennessee and the boys apparently spent much of their formative years there.
Anyway, this person was talking against the "Me " Generation (Hey! Talkin' 'bout MY generation!)I guess he thinks joining groups to complain about other groups is the way to go. I personally think that the Self is the most glorious of Natures creations and when encountering another person, that's what I want to be communicating with.The person's real Self. Who they really are. What they truly feel and believe. Not some other guy's (guru, leader, expert) ideology or whatnot.

So what does this have to do with the impending New Year ? Not sure, but it indicates the area of focus. Selves. The individual. I am on great terms with my own Self and would like to connect with others Selves, I guess. That's about it.
(Oh, yeah. For me it is what's inside that counts. I see stuff differently than other people so I am not gonna be impressed by looks, titles or money. .a quirky sort, me.)


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