Quest for Clarity

Making sense of life, the Universe and Myself.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

family ties

I am ruminating about the Gordian Knot. It seems to me that the problems began when Alexander cut the knot rather than untie it. Everything is attached for a reason. Things want to take a unified, harmonious form.
The herkimer diamond forms in sedimentary rocks. I am still not sure why or how...But it forms..perfect crystals forming in mud. Mysterious and wonderful!
I have had lots of visits from family which is also wonderful! New baby, Michelle's Mom, Flavia, and her sister Cookie. And Katherine Rose. (Did I Spell That Right?)
Roberta was here last week, Maggie was here today with George. Went to Brian and Sari's yesterday with Ben. Family is fascinating. Things are the way they are. Oh! How interesting!
I guess the point of untying the knot rather than cutting it is to allow its form to be seen. Ya can't do that when it's all pulled tight. Some things move further apart but everything is still connected.
By the way, THIS is wonderful.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Working in Hell.

I admit it. Yes, I take a look at world and national news just about every day. Plus I read blogs at random throughout the Net, trying to grok where people are at.
Although my own personal world is delightful, sometimes when I look around out there I get the impression that I am on a diplomatic mission to Hell. An Emissary from the Kingdom of Heaven (Within).

Even if a person considers themself my enemy, my essence to point out the kingdom of Heaven.
The Kingdom of heaven is that place of perfect androgynous, childlike peace inside you. If you can't get to it then you are trapped in a Hell of fear and anger...the world you have created for yourself based on erroneous messaging.
This is poor use of the matrix, which exists to give you what you want.
Red pill, blue pill...
Where is the little yellow pill? Hey, I found it!
This one that shows you the truth of the Matrix...that you can create what you like.
You don't have to create conflict and fear and paranoid fantasies of attacks by machines and killer thought forms.
You can create pleasureable experiences, which can include chase and combat, but as PLAY, not factual necessity.
Austerity, uncertainty, and the unknown have considerable charm. But only when you know you can change the scene whenever you like.
The truth will set you free, but you are not free if you constantly have to be engaged in combat. Freedom is choice. The blessing or the curse.