Quest for Clarity

Making sense of life, the Universe and Myself.

Friday, March 16, 2007

So, where were we?

Hmm? Why did I choose this picture? Vision, higher view, higher conciousness..the guy up there has a better vista than the guys down below deck.
Anyway, I moved upstairs into Charlie's room, and I am loving it. I did my time in a basement (brought myself into abasement? haha)
In keeping with my thoery that I have actually died and gone to heaven, everything is cool and interesting. It's OK for me to be.
Lots of leisure,
Many interesting things to explore and experience.
And so much music! Wow! currently listening to Nick Drake
(where'd ye go, Nick? We scarcely knew ye).
Before that I was listening to Morphine.
For a few months all I was listening to was the Incredible String Band, which nourished my soul. Better' n vitamins.
And so it goes.
The point is that I am looking at this blog thing as another fun activity. I have heaps of journals and sketchbooks, but they don't do any good gathering dust in my room up there, so I will drag them out and bring 'em up into the light.
(Not to mention the day to day dramas that unfold around me rather intriguingly, which is a whole bunch of other stories. SO interesting. It would be cool to have a webcam in here so y'all could watch. REAL "Real World")
Update..I have a new roommate, Sandy. She was Sam's "boss"at the wellness center at Omega. Plus she knows Ben from there as well. (Everyone knows Ben) So, she's like part of the family already. She's the same age as Roberta and has the same birthday as Sam. We'll hava a party to welcome her sometime in the near future (We'll keep you posted)
Just to let you know, you are all welcome to stop by, eh? A nice cuppa tea?

Monday, March 12, 2007


Satan is My Motor.

Geez. I am feeling really good about myself and my life. I know how I got here and why it is important. I want to roar and spit fire. Yeehah!
Well, not to belabor a point, but, yeah. My life is and has been so marvelous and interesting and so full of learning that I am overflowing and willing to share. My treasures have not been material. My life has been about making sense of life the universe and everything. I even know where the other dimensions are "hidden". (Think "Flatland" by Edwin Abbott)
So now, one step at a time, ever onward.
"Are we not drawn onward, we few, onward to new era?"
And upward.
The motto of New York State is "Excelsior, which means upward, or higher. Evolution.
Spiraling upward and onward into infinity. May we all enjoy the ride.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hey everybody! Oh I guess no one ever reads this anyway. Quite frankly I am not quite sure what's going on and would certainly tell you if could make any sense out of it. But, you know I am real sure it is all good, and am having a great time. Baby steps, giant steps umbrella steps. But a feeling safe in the universe and love you all and everyone else, too, so...ah but I know you longer..maybe. Ah here comes the totally addled rantings of a totally deranged mind. Nah, never mind. Oh, OK. You'll twist my arm. Ok so you know how Charlie is moving out and new people in or at least sandy ann sinicki (Who knows if its the right spelling? Not I)Long story short, things are moving right along here, so, hey all the best and we'll see you whenever. I am so very tempted to delete this post as it is so very whackoid, but hey, ya gotta this dropping pebble into the void? Hey am I here all alone, oh well guess maybe things could be faster. I wish I had a web cam strapped to my head it is all just too much fun and TOO funny. Well it all is obviously extremely entertaining ,otherwise why would I be so engrossed in it, right? OK, onward to (I won't say greater) other things. Hey check the blog, ya never know...